Medal of Honor™: Pacific Assault

Medal of Honor™: Pacific Assault 6.0

Patch 1.2 for this version of the saga Medal of Honor includes two new maps.
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Medal of Honor Pacific Assault combines seven missions covering 25 levels with nine multiplayer maps and new locations, new weapons, and new soldiers. The players can work alone or with the aid of the members of the squad to complete their missions. As the squad you acquires more experience, they will as well develop their own personality and they will fight more efficiently. Periodically, green reinforcements will arrive, and those conscripts will need to gain experience to become as efficient as the veterans of the squad. The multiplayer level will permit to fight all against all or to form a team to reach the objectives and to destroy the rival team. Patch 1.2 for this version of the saga Medal of Honor includes new maps for the multiplayer mode: Market Garden and Factory.

Besides, it enlarges the capacity of simultaneous players, they permit to change the nicks, players are allowed to modify some things in the damage of the weapons and it also brings some more fixes and improvements to the original version.

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  • New maps
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